Rally the Troops!

Okay... So this is "technically" a 2006 group but there are about 130+ members still here! Someone HAS to be seeing this and thinking, "Hmmm... should I start posting about my wonderful NaNoWriMo 2008 ideas and dreams?"

Short Answer: Yes.

Long Answer: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!

So, what are we all up to? Are you doing it this year? Plot ideas yet or is it still FAR too early for that kind of talk?

I'll start. I'm Abbey. Been doing this for four years I believe and loooove doing it. This year I have a killer idea and am itching to crank out the best damn novel this world has ever seen (hooray being delusional!) Its going to be Sci-Fi because reality bores me. Vampires, Werewolves, Faries, Trolls, Gnomes and the like! Very excited!

So come one ::nudge:: speak up! Let the NaNoWriMo party begin.

Excited slash terrified

We've got less than a month until the craziest month of the year. Are you guys ready?? This is my fourth year participating and come hell or high water I WILL CROSS THAT 50,000 WORD FINISH LINE!!!! I have failed miserably three years running. Anyone else participating against all odds? Have you guys ordered any '08 NaNo gear? I'm sporting my '07 tee and I'll be ordered the new shirt on my next paycheck. *so excited* (and terrified)
Me 2009

How do you prepare for / work up to Nanowrite?

Hi :).

Seems like I'm starting fairly early, doesn't it? Just slightly over 200 days until Christmas, though ... (ducks the glares of folks like me who really don't want to think about it until the temp starts dropping into the 20 degrees in the United States).

Anyhow, I'm usually fairly quiet about my writing. I'd really like to win Nanowrite this year, (insert long story here), and so have decided to be more public. I would love to have writing and other artistic friends when November rolls around, so I at least don't feel all alone - don't know anyone locally that writes fiction (any kind), much less Nanowrite.

I thought issendai's idea was a good one, of having a warm up month. I've added myself to a couple of "Book in a Week" lists, and tonight am organizing the other writing spaces and places I promised myself I'd do -- been lax for a few years.

Thought I'd throw this out for a challenge to myself, and maybe a bit of off-season discussion.

Have a good week!

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Welcome to 1667 Words! For the month of November, may your social obligations be light, your job be stressless, your WoW guild be empty, and your cats be prone to taking long, long naps during your writing hours. May your favorite Internet cafe always have a spot for you by the window, may your beret always be propped at just the right rakish angle, and may the crap flow like water from your keyboard. Happy NaNo 2008, everyone!

Are You Ready??

NaNo is almost here. I'm itching to start writing. ITCHING I SAY!! This is year three for me and I am determined to get that bloomin' halo. My efforts went down in a ball of flames the past two years. But this year that 50,000 will be mine!!

Are you guys ready?? Is anyone else staying up til midnight on Halloween to start writing as early as possible?
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October, otherwise known as NaNoOhShitMo, will be upon us shortly. Instead of running about frantically in a shrieking panic because NaNoWriMo is almost upon me, I'm going to use October as a warmup month. Like to join me?

The goal is: 25,000 words in a month.

The rules are: 25,000 words in a month. That’s it. You can work on a story you already started, you can start something new, you can do a passel of short stories. Ideally, whatever you work on will be done by the end of the month, but it doesn't have to be. NaNoOhShitMo is a warmup, and the point is to get into the habit of putting words on the page.

You can do a straight 807 words a day, or you can try what I'm going to try, and pace yourself:

October 1-6: 500 words a day
7-13: 750 words a day
14-27: 1,000 words a day
28-31: 500 words a day

(Plus 750 more words to fit in whenever you're inspired.)

That gives you a warmup, two weeks of high effort, and half a week of "Oh, crap, the real NaNo is almost here, what in hell am I going to write?"